Monday, March 26, 2012

Back from the abyss

Well then.

It's been a while since I've posted. It's been a rough, joyous, and ultimately heartbreaking few months.

First, I delayed posting the Chicken Liver Pate recipe, because I received bad news after my annual physical. Almost three years ago, I broke everything in my leg, from ankle to pelvis. It was a hot mess. After spending most of two years having surgeries and spending lots of time either on a couch or on crutches, it looks like the time off my feet took an unexpected toll. While I appear healthy in all other respects, my good cholesterol level is woefully low, so low it's not even on the 'excellent/fair/too low' chart. So, this inspired me to increase my daily exercise levels and intensity, lose the weight gained during that time, and to increase healthy fats like olive oil and decrease not-so-healthy fats like butter.

Chicken Liver Pate doesn't qualify as 'made with healthy fats'.

Not even close.

So, I thought, I'll hold off on posting it, re-tool some of my recipes, and be ready to post heathy recipes right on the heels of the delectable-but-fattening pate.

However, we have been walking the road of pregnancy loss and infertility treatments. Right about the time I was ready to pick up this project again, we found success. The stress of waiting and wondering if this would finally be the next step for our family kept me distracted, and then when tragedy hit us again, cooking was the last thing on my mind.

But, as I recover, I find myself toodling around the kitchen again. It might be a bit before I'm posting particularly healthy food, as I am certainly in comfort food mode right now, but recipes will finally be flowing again.

Once again I say, "Next up: Chicken Liver Pate" And, shut up. It really is good!